Engage your community

Hold virtual events that are actually fun. Use it for networking, reunions, company parties, and more. Move formal events to Sidebar to bring back spontaneous interaction.

Move around

Start a conversation in one room. Instantly join another. Sidebar brings the excitement and serendipity of in-person events online.

Find the people that interest you

Strike up meaningful conversations, even at big events. Gather in small groups or invite someone to 'sidebar' so you can speak privately

Take the stage

Create auditoriums to broadcast speeches, videos, panel discussions, and webinars. An auditorium can be the main event or just one destination for attendees.

Join with a link. No downloads.

Sidebar is powered by WebRTC to create powerful, secure video chat right in your browser.

Use Sidebar for all your events


  • Team happy hours
  • Holiday parties
  • Virtual offsites
  • Job fairs


  • Networking
  • Member receptions
  • Alumni events
  • Open houses


  • Family gatherings
  • Reunions
  • Trivia night
  • Birthday parties
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