Engage your community

Zoom forces us to be formal all the time. Sidebar lets you add informal interactions to your online events. Use it for networking, parties, team-building, flexible meetings, and more!

Move around

Start a conversation in one room. Instantly join another. Sidebar brings the excitement and serendipity of in-person events online.

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Find the people that interest you

Strike up meaningful conversations, even at big events. Gather in small groups or invite someone to 'sidebar' so you can speak privately

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Take the stage

Create auditoriums to broadcast speeches, videos, panel discussions, and webinars. An auditorium can be the main event or just one destination for attendees.

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Join with a link. No downloads.

Sidebar is powered by WebRTC to create powerful, secure video chat right in your browser.

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There are many ways to use Sidebar


  • Team happy hours
  • Holiday parties
  • Virtual offsites
  • Job fairs


  • Networking
  • Member receptions
  • Alumni events
  • Open houses


  • Family gatherings
  • Reunions
  • Trivia night
  • Birthday parties
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Temple bethel

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. This is the first time I've been excited to be on a video call in 8 months! You're my hero.
-Eden Gobuty, Director of Development & Member Services


I love using Sidebar for meetings. Rather than be limited to one person speaking at a time, Sidebar lets participants continue their conversations naturally, splitting off into new rooms and returning as naturally as in real life. The result is the most communicative and rich video chat experience I have encountered.
-Arye Elfenbein, Founder


With Sidebar, we're suddenly able to provide something that has been missing from all of our virtual offerings: a way for people to genuinely connect with each other, on their own terms.

[It] is absolutely game changing. We're able to consider a whole new world of virtual programs beyond webinars—ones that focus on bringing people together in a meaningful, dynamic, and fun way.
-Margot Clifford, Manager, Student and Recent Alumni Programs

Value culture

You’ve got a festival environment. You’ve done that more than anyone else I’ve seen.
-Adam Swig, Executive Director


My sales team says it was the best meeting they’ve had. I’m going to try to bring this to all the groups I’m a part of. This is so much better than Zoom.
-Nanxi Liu, CEO

Chicago university

Glowing user feedback from the Sidebar event this week: ‘The different options for breakout rooms and side conversations – closest I’ve seen to mimicking an in-person networking event.’
-Linda Pantale, Associate Director